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First Entry

Well, I would like to start this lj out to say, we, the members of Vagabond, need a new drummer, & lead singer. They both much be the cream of the crop at what they do. So, if you think you can live up to these expectations, then you are in. So instant message me or email me if you have any more information about the band, etc.

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Whats happened to brian h being th drummer?
And well good luck trying to find a new drummer and a lead singer.

<3britt g
pssh i bet my band would be better then yours....that is if i had a band.....
no it wouldent
pft. hellz yeah it rock ill the teenie boopers socks. fo sure.


November 30 2004, 23:36:07 UTC 13 years ago

This is the most pathetic excuse for a "band" I've ever seen. Can we say gay??? I bet YOU can say gay, can't you? And the pics on your info page....
#1. The chick (i am assuming that is a girl, she's pretty fugly) in the hat has GOT to go.
#2. Same as #1.
#3. Again, you all look like homosexuals.

I hope you can play better than you look.
and who the fuck may you be, first, you instantly sound like a pussy because your too scared to put your name in the post, second, ill stab you in the face with a trench spike.

go jump off a cliff you fagget.
ohh, & by the way, we play pretty damn good.